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Download MP3 file I have called you friends
Knowing Our Identity In Christ | John (15:11-15)
Patrick Mwondela | 14-Jan-18
We are chosen, we are appointed, we produce fruit 

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file Vision Sunday - January 2018
Vision | Ephesians (4:1-16)
Andy Carter | 07-Jan-18
Our vision as a discipleship process - pursuing spiritual maturity 

Download MP3 file The Shepherds
Christmas 2017 | Luke (1)
Yvette Sanson | 24-Dec-17
The shepherds 

Download MP3 file Mary Responds to God's Call
Christmas 2017 | Luke (1:26-35)
Patrick Mwondela | 03-Dec-17
Our lives are for the purposes of God 

Portable Document FileDownload MP3 file Trusting God's Big Picture
Christmas 2017 | Luke (1:5-80)
Andy Carter | 26-Nov-17
Doubt like Zachariah or Faith like Elizabeth? 


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