Sadly we will not be able to worship and be physically together for the foreseeable future.  As of Wednesday 18th March, Braintree Arts Theatre have announced they are closing for the time being in accordance with government guidelines. Furthermore, the government has recently announced new measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus which dictate that:

• Anyone with a fever or persistent cough should stay at home for seven days if they live alone or 14 days if they live with others.


• Anyone who lives with someone displaying Coronavirus symptoms should also stay at home for 14 days. People who must isolate themselves should ask others for help.

• Everyone should stop non-essential contact with others. This is particularly important for people over 70, those with underlying health conditions and pregnant women.

• People should work from home where they can.

• People should avoid places like pubs, clubs and theatres. This applies especially to those in London which is "a few weeks ahead" of the rest of the UK.

• People should stop all unnecessary travel.

• By the weekend, those with the most serious health conditions should be largely shielded from social contact for 12 weeks.

This means we cannot meet physically on Sundays for the next few weeks - possibly longer - and the same applies for our Community Groups and all other gatherings. Community Groups will still "meet" virtually via Zoom. It is very important that we don't make the mistake of retreating into obscurity but rather that we proactively maintain our connections in whatever ways are still possible.

So, to confirm: physical Sunday gatherings and ALL midweek gatherings will be cancelled until you hear otherwise.

As elders we want to shepherd the flock as best we can in these times and we want to ensure that all have access to worship, encouragement, prayer, prophecy and teaching from the word of God. We are therefore taking our Sunday gathering online. 


Click here to find out more and join in.

We want to reiterate that if anyone in the church has any practical needs to please contact us or your group leader..

God is always working for our good and for his glory. We can be confident that through this national moment, he is doing something incredible.  Let’s pray that this may be a time in history where thousands turn their hearts to Jesus and keep trusting him, praising him and enjoying his grace.  We pray that this may be a time in history where thousands turn their hearts to Jesus. Join us in this prayer and let's keep trusting him, praising him and enjoying his grace.


We have an enormous, unprecedented opportunity ahead of us to give ourselves to prayer, to serve those in need and to spread the message of the gospel to all who will listen. Even in these difficult times we can go about our mission of making Jesus famous!


In the meantime, please take a little time to hear the thoughts of Mike Betts who leads our family of Relational Mission Churches (open the page here).  You may also want to join in with an online worship and prayer time with Olly Knight of Relation Mission that is available via Facebook weekdays from 8:30 to 9am (open the page here).

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