Generosity is powerful. It changes the life of the giver and the world around them. At King's we are passionate about living generously as a whole community. We have realised that our mission to impact our town, our nation and the world cannot be achieved without it.


We value stewardship. We believe that everything we have belongs to God and we are only looking after, or are stewards of, what He has given us. It is with this in mind that we encourage people to give regularly and generously in proportion to their income. It takes resources to fulfill all that God has given us to do so let's ask God what we can do to play our part in giving to the work of King's Community Church.


Many give directly from their bank account by regular standing order. Giving in this way means that those who have responsibility for looking after the finances have the benefit of knowing that an assured amount will be available each month. 

If you would like to give either a one-off donation or set-up regular giving, please click on the 'Donate with ChurchSuite' link.

If you are a tax payer please tick the Gift Aid option. Gift Aid is a government initiative which means that if you are a UK tax payer, for every £1 you give, we can claim an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue at no extra cost to you from the tax you have paid. This makes your gift go much further.

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