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GDPR Consent form for Members and Friends of King’s Community Church, Braintree

We would like to communicate with you about our church and our activities. For us to do this please fill in your name, address and other contact details below.


To comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations 2018:

  • We will only use the information you supply to contact you about King’s Community Church, Braintree and/or Relational Mission

  • Completed paper/card forms will be scanned and stored in a secure electronic filing system.  Other data will be stored electronically using Church Suite and the website tooling software (WIX).  This data will be kept for 3 years and will be deleted as stated in our GDPR policy

  • Access to your data is restricted to: Elders, Trustees, Authorised Event Organisers and Authorised Administrators

  • You may request to see your data at any time.


Please select each one to confirm your consent to receiving communications by:

Thanks, we have received your form

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