Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy

(1 Corinthians 14:1 NIV)

We understand prophecy to be a revelation about a person or situation, given by the Holy Spirit, revealing the heart of God, that glorifies and encourages a greater love for Jesus.

We value the gift of prophecy and welcome it in our meetings and the life of the church. However, in order to ensure that our church environment continues to be a safe place to 'have a go', we ask that people observe the following guidelines:


We believe that prophecy is to strengthen, encourage and comfort people (1 Cor 14:3). If God shows you anything outside of these parameters; words that tell people what to do with their lives, jobs and relationships or words which promise babies, healing and marriage etc. we ask that you share it with someone in leadership first, who will help you decide what to do with the word.


We ask people who prophesy to share clearly, concisely and lovingly, prefacing their words with 'I think God may be saying …' rather than, 'God says …'


We recognise that God allows His gift to work through imperfect people, which can lead to some prophecies being good, but not God. With this in mind we encourage everyone who receives a word from someone else, to weigh and judge it before acting on it. That means ensuring that the prophecy lines up with the teaching of the Bible and that it brings encouragement and comfort not worry or condemnation. We also encourage people to share the word with mature Christians who can provide discernment, insight and wisdom into what God is saying.


We seek to pastor people in the prophetic, looking to provide honest and constructive feedback. We ask all those who share words and pictures to be open to this process in order to help us protect the integrity and development of this very important gift.


Ministry protocol

Whatever God leads you to do, when sharing prophecy please stay within the following guidelines to ensure that you, and the people you will be ministering to, stay safe:


  • If you are not sure about anything then talk to a leader first, prophecy can wait!

  • If you have a prophecy for someone of the opposite sex, then you must have someone of that sex with you

  • Before sharing prophesy, where possible, take someone with you as a witness

  • Avoid ministering in side rooms, stick to places where there are others around

  • Be sensitive to people as you approach them, prophecy can be scary!

  • Where possible keep a record what you share to avoid any misunderstandings

  • Remember to preface your words with ‘I think God may be saying’ rather than ‘God says’

  • Make sure the people you minister to know what to do with the prophecy you have given them

Praying with and blessing people during worship

After people have had time to engage with God in worship, be alert to anyone God draws your attention to who might be in need of encouragement and blessing. Be sensitive as you approach people, don’t distract them from worship!  Sometimes just a hand on their shoulder and a quiet prayer is all that is needed for them to know God's love and care.  Remember this is not the time for prophecy, if God gives you a word to share, keep it until the response time or after the meeting when they can give their full attention to what you are saying and follow the guidelines above.

prophetic guidelines