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"your kingdom come, your will be done"

Child Dedication

Children are a gift from God. Find out more about child dedication at King's


Find out what Jesus has done for you!


Generosity is powerful. It changes the life of the giver and the world around them


We love the gift of prophecy  - guidelines for how to use this valuable gift at King's

Believers Baptism

"Believe and Be Baptised"

Find out more about believers baptism at King's.

First Steps

Helping you take your first steps as a follower of Jesus.

Relational Mission

Learn more about Relational Mission, the family of churches we are part of

What we believe

As members of the Evangelical Alliance, we subscribe to their basis of faith

Children & Youth

Church is for ALL ages


Helping you build on good foundations.

Bible App

Download a handy Bible App for your smart device or computer


Learn about King's vision here

Mid-Week Groups

Church isn't just on Sunday!

My Commitment

My commitment as a church member at King's


And Procedures - taking safety and safeguarding seriously

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