A Place of Encounter





What is the Spirit Cafe?

The Spirit Cafe is an event put on by local Christian churches and groups.  Free tea and coffee is available, and everyone is welcome.  Upon arrival you are greeted at the door and shown to the cafe tables and chairs where you will be presented with a ‘Menu’. The menu items are not food, but rather things that meet the needs of the spirit, soul & body.  Each menu item is a ‘treatment’, and all treatments are free.  


The Spirit Cafe is a place where people come when they need direction, healing prayer, peace, or all of the above. The treatment teams have been trained and continue to develop their spiritual giftings. All treatments are done through the Holy Spirit. The power and presence of God is felt in a tangible way, even by those who have never been in a church before.

Everyone is welcome to come to the Spirit Cafe. It is a place to come to Jesus, and is not a church service. There is no charge, and no obligation.

Why come to a Spirit Cafe?

If you are in need of some direction, peace, healing, or simply an encounter with a God that loves you, then come to the Spirit Cafe.

No one was ever turned away by Jesus, and we believe that anyone who wants to come and have a real encounter with Him is welcome.




2nd Saturday

Each Month

2PM to 4PM

Braintree Town Hall

Market Place


1 Spirit Cafe 2 locations and times

3rd Sunday

Each Month

10:30AM to 12PM

Braintree Arts Theatre

Notley High School

Notley Road


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